Wellbeing in School and at Home

Wellbeing in School and at Home

What a time we are living in. Annoying lockdowns! We are social beings, born with a need to connect with others.  Even when we are babies, we have ‘conversations’ with the people we love and trust.  Waiting to listen, responding with gurgles, facial expression and movements.  If you have a baby sister or brother watch and listen to them while they make lots of noise! 

It is really frustrating when we can’t see our friends and family; we may get cross with the people we love and not be able to help it.

 What can we do about it?

If we feel that we are not in control of things, our emotions take over and we may regret it later.  If you know you are beginning to become cross or angry, there are tips below that may help. 

This is called a grounding exercise: 

1)       Look around you – find 5 things that you can see

2)      4 things that you can feel

3)      3 things that you can hear

4)      2 things you can smell

5)      1 thing you can taste – this could be a sweet! 


Or you could try breathing to relax. This exercise is called 4-7-8:

1)      Inhale for a count of 4

2)      Hold for a count of 7

3)      Exhale for a count of 8


 If you need someone to talk to and you can’t chat about the problem to your parent/carer, there is help from:

Childline  0800 1111 (free) chat to a counsellor 1-1.  This number is private and confidential.



Kooth  020 3984 9337 (free) age 11/24, chat 1-1 for help with emotional/mental health support  which is private and confidential.



Mental health support/medical help is also free on the NHS.  For urgent help call 111.



Take a step to better mental and physical health website



 Advice for PARENTS on how to support their child's mental wellbeing



Advice for CHILDREN on how they can support their own mental wellbeing