School Staff

During the normal school day we welcome all communication about your child and their needs.

In the first instance please contact your child’s tutor who is best placed to understand the holistic picture around your child.

Should there be something of a more serious nature, please contact the Year Leader.

If you have a concern that is of a very serious nature, please contact the member of the leadership team who deals with parental contact, Mr Biddle on

Please see below the contact details for teaching staff, class tutors and the Senior Leadership Team.
Senior Leadership Team
Mrs S Sawtell


Mr S Beet

Deputy Headteacher/Link to Year 6

Mr G Biddle

Assistant Head/ DSL/Behaviour & Attendance

Mrs R Golledge

Business Manager

Mrs C Carter-Miles


Mrs S Farmer

Assistant Headteacher/Teaching & Learning/KS2 English Lead

KS2 Year Leads and Tutor contact details:
Year 5
Mr G Otter

Year 5 Lead/Science & Maths

Mrs C Hudson

Year 5 Transition Lead

Mrs V Atkinson

5VAT Tutor/ Languages

Miss C Watters

5CWA Tutor

Mrs G Day

5GDA Tutor/ Maths Lead

Mrs S Stone

5SST Tutor/Art Lead

Mr A Mitchell

5AMI Tutor

Mrs C Minhinnick

5CMI Tutor

Mrs K Cahill

5CMI Tutor (Mon)

Mrs J Haysom

5CMI Tutor (Tues)

Year 6
Mrs C Stripp

Year 6 Lead (Mon - Thurs)

Mrs C Davies

Year 6 Lead (Fri)

Miss G Cartwright

6GCA Tutor

Mrs N Joy

6NJO Tutor

Miss L Pearce

6LPE Tutor

Mrs L Macnair

6LMA Tutor/PSHE Lead

Mr D Patrice

6DPA Tutor

Miss E Way

6LFO Tutor

KS3 Year Leads and Tutor contact details:
Year 7
Mr D Kinsey

Year 7 Lead/PE Lead

Miss A February-Perring

7AFE Tutor/KS3 English Lead

Mrs E Restorick

7AFE Tutor (Mon/Tues)

Mrs S Parker

7SPA Tutor/DT Lead

Mrs J Haysom

7SPA/7SBL Tutor/Geography/History

Mrs S Bell

8SBL Tutor/History Lead

Miss L Pike

7LPI Tutor/Computing Lead

Mr C Nicholl

7RPR Tutor

Mrs J Raymont

7JRA Tutor

Year 8
Mrs L Staddon

Year 8 Lead/Pupil Premium Lead/Science/Geography

Mr J Anderson

8JAN Tutor

Ms H Mugridge

8HMU Tutor/Geography Lead

Mrs K Skinner

8KSK Tutor/Languages Lead

Mrs D Roberts

8DRO Tutor/PE/Careers Lead

Mrs R Slater

8DRO Tutor (Mon)

Mrs S Thorpe

8STH Tutor/R E Lead

Mrs K Young

8KYO Tutor

Other Key Staff
Mrs L Topp


Mrs C Davies

Behaviour Learning Mentor

Miss A Burgess

Study Learning Mentor

Mrs C Deeney

ELSA and Nurture Lead

Ms A Dipple

SEND Manager

Mrs S Harrington

DT Technician

Mrs J Lawrence

Lexia Lead

Mr G Minhinnick

Music Lead

Mr J Tayler

Pupil Premium Mentor

Mr M Morgan

Science Lead

Mrs R Prince

7RPR Tutor

Ms L Ford

6LFO Tutor