Modern Foreign Languages

MFL (French and Spanish) Year 7 and 8 Home Learning - 60 minutes a week
  1. Vocabulary learning - pupils are expected to spend up to 30 minutes a week learning their vocabulary. We suggest that the little and often strategy works best so 3 times a week for 10 minutes is ideal, or more often for just 5 minutes. Please help your child to get into good habits as we cannot stress the importance of revisiting the learning between lessons as critical to maximising progress. Creating flashcards, using the look, cover, repeat strategy and testing by a sibling/parent/carer all work well. 
  2. Activelearn tasks - pupils are expected to spend up to 30 minutes a week completing their AL tasks. We appreciate there are sometimes frustrating issues with the platform but again the action of revisiting and practising the core learning between lessons is extremely beneficial to long term learning. Currently we recommend using the Microsoft Bing browser as Chrome is not always reliable. The deadline for task completion is set by their individual teacher and should be written in their HLB. They should also have their login details written in their HLB.
Pupils have homework booklets that contain all the vocabulary they need to support their learning and there are also extra written tasks for those who cannot get onto the AL platform that week or just wish to extend their learning. Pupils will be rewarded for their impressive efforts on home learning with extra merits and rewards.