Mrs C Stripp

Associate Head - Attendance Lead

Under the Education Act of 1993, the school is obliged to compile and publish accurate rates of absenteeism each year. Guidance to school has been strengthened and the Department of Education now states that “Headteachers may not grant leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances”. It is therefore highly unlikely that requests for holiday absence will be granted during term time and will therefore be recorded as unauthorised absence. Please telephone the school if you feel that exceptional circumstances would apply to your request.

For illness or medical absences please telephone the school on each day of absence to inform us. This can be done by either, phoning the school, email: or by leaving a telephone message on the school office absence line. Also if your child has a medical appointment please provide the appropriate evidence e.g. appointment card or copy of your child’s prescription.
If your child experiences illness such as vomiting they are not required to wait 48 hours after the last bout of sickness before returning to school.
 School Year Whole School Attendance % Persistent Absence Score %
2022 - 2023 93.72% 14.89%
2021 - 2022 92.51% 20.11%
2020 - 2021 95.52% 11.66%
2019 - 2020 95.88% 9.16%
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