Our Climate Action Group (OCAG)

Ms H Mugridge



Eco Christmas Fair

Our Climate Action Group of students are passionate about ensuring that this event is as ecologically friendly as possible. This means that the products sold/used at the fair are sustainable. For example: some products are made using recycled material, food is plant based, and there is no single use plastic etc.

The Christmas Fair also includes stalls from ecologically friendly outside companies, along with stalls run by staff and students selling their ‘Making Day’ products. Delicious, hot plant-based food is also available. This event is popular with our local community and it’s a great opportunity to do some Christmas shopping, the products made and sold are original and of high quality.

Clothes Swaps

We organise clothes swaps each term to combat ‘fast fashion’. Every year, millions of clothes are thrown away and end up in landfill. 52% of these clothes have never even been worn! During clothes swap weeks students swap items of unwanted clothing for our special OCAG eco currency. At the end of the week students can swap these for clothes that are new to them. These are very popular events which both help in our quest for climate justice along with reducing the financial costs of clothing.

Food composter

Money raised from both the OCAG Eco Christmas Fair and Summer Fete was used to buy our Ridan food composter. We were concerned about the amount of food that is wasted and goes straight to landfill. The UK throws away 9.52 million tonnes of food per year. That amount of food waste could fill 190 Royal Albert Halls, and weighs more than 112 million average British people – which is way more people than live in the UK. This produces more tonnes of CO2e than Kenya’s total annual emissions.  One-third of food produced globally goes to waste.

We have produced lots of compost which is being enjoyed by both staff and families in our school community.