Lexia Reading KS2

Mrs C Minhinnick



Lexia Core 5 has been offered to some of our students to support their reading, spelling and grammar. 

Can my child do Lexia at school?

Yes, we currently offer sessions before and after school as follows:

Monday 8-8:30am

Tuesday 8-8:30am, 3:15-4pm

Wednesday 8-8:30am

Thursday 3:15-4pm

Friday 8-8:30am

Please contact Mrs Minhinnick cminhinnick@stosmunds.dorset.sch.uk to book on.  It is important that we are informed of any changes to days/times before the day so that registers can be adjusted and numbers are manageable.

We do understand that circumstances change so please do get in touch if you wish to change, add or reduce sessions in school.  

If you cannot remember what you have booked, please ask.  

Where does my child go?

In the mornings, they will need to come through the main office doors and down to ICT1.  

In the afternoons they will go to ICT2 after school and then meet you wherever they usually would after school, or walk home if that is what you have arranged.  

All sessions are with Mrs Marsh and/or Miss Patterson.

 Can my child do Lexia at home?

Absolutely, as long as the target time is completed, then they can do it at home or school, or a combination of both.

 How do we access Lexia?

This is the link for Lexia Core 5:


All students should have come home with their login details.  Their username should be the same as their school computer and email login. Their password is their library number.  The programme works best with Google Chrome (easy to download to most devices) and the easiest way to access is to go to the school website, click on 'Sharepoint') at the bottom by the calendar, then select English links and Lexia Reading.    On the rare occasion that you are asked for a teacher's email address when logging in, use cminhinnick@stosmunds.dorset.sch.uk

Any technical issues, please email and we will endeavour to support.  We can meet your child to try logging on in school.  If we don't know the answer, we will try to find out!

 How much time should my child spend on Lexia?

80 minutes per week is the optimum time spent in order to progress through the programme and this is what we will be looking for.  Lexia usage is measured from Monday to Sunday.  We've tried but there is no way for it to fit our Wednesday-Wednesday homework schedule.  Therefore, when teachers look at Lexia usage on a Wednesday, they will be looking at the previous week's usage. 

The 80 minutes is best split into smaller chunks.  Please be aware that if your child is only doing 1 or 2 sessions in school that they will most likely need to complete some Lexia at home also.

What about other English homework?

Lexia replaces all other English homework.  However, if you or your child would prefer to continue with the English homework as well as Lexia that is fine.  Please do prioritise Lexia though.  Many families do find it useful to keep up good home reading habits alongside Lexia but this is not compulsory.

 I have other questions, who do I ask?

Email cminhinnick@stosmunds.dorset.sch.uk and always copy in your child's English teacher so that they are aware of any issues.