Welcome to St. Osmund’s CE Middle School

‘St.Osmund’s is a school built upon the Christian values of  faith, hope and love. We aim to inspire and empower all to be active, life-long learners who achieve their potential and contribute positively to the world.’

Thank you for looking at our website. Staff, Governors and pupils at St Osmund’s are very proud to belong to this school and we hope that the details within this website illustrate why.

We are totally committed to ensuring that your children are given the very best opportunities. This is a feature of the very special nature of middle schools because pupils arrive as children and leave as young adults; we manage that transition so that they remain confident learners. Moreover, as a Church School we will remain committed to the highest standards whilst maintaining our focus on the needs of the whole child.

We can only capture a part of all that we achieve together in this website so it is our sincere hope that, alongside your child, you will join us by playing an active part in our school community.

I look forward to meeting you personally and sharing in this most important venture: your child!

Mrs S Sawtell – Headteacher