Lexia Reading KS3

Here at St Osmund's Middle School your child may use Lexia Power Up Reading as part of a support package to improve their reading skills.
This programme, which can be accessed at home, helps children with reading comprehension,  word study and grammar. We have seen a significant improvement in these skills areas since the programme was introduced in 2019.
It Is expected that your child will do 80 minutes of Lexia per week as part of their English homework.
In order to access Lexia power Up, you can either download the app by searching 'Lexia Power Up or use the link to the following website https://www.lexiapowerup.com  
When asked for the teachers email address input the following; lexia@stosmunds.dorset.sch.uk
Your child then needs to use the login details that they have been provided with. 
Please email if you require any further information.