Mrs Lynda Staddon

Pupil Premium lead

Dear Parents/Carers,

I would like to introduce myself as the Pupil Premium Lead at St. Osmund’s. I have taught for over twenty five years and have been hugely fortunate to enjoy the last fifteen of them here at St. Osmund’s. This is a really exciting post which will help ensure that the progress and well-being of all pupils in receipt of pupil premium support is very much in the forefront of everything we do here. I am passionate about teaching and learning and believe that every child should be given every opportunity to succeed.

Working alongside me is Miss Hancock as Pupil Premium Learning mentor. Her role includes supporting pupils in the classroom, co-ordinating well-being support, liaising with parents and many other things!

Pupil premium support is intended to directly benefit the children who are eligible. It helps to narrow the gap in achievement which can occur between them and their classmates. At St Osmunds we provide:

Year 5 welcome pack (stationary, folder, PE bag, Waterstones book voucher),

Curricular: DT ingredients and materials, DT yearly contribution, Year 6 SATS packs, Year 8 calculator, Year 6 theatre trip, Year 8 Water park trip, various day trip support are all funded automatically.

Uniform: £50 Year 5 and Year 7, £30 Year 6 and Year 8. up to £50 shoe voucher, 

Cultural capital: funding available for one residential trip in KS2 and one in KS3. An equivalent amount towards the cost of the school ski trip.

Other: Year 8 Leavers book and hoodie. Various discretionary support.


We believe in a holistic and individualised approach which identifies and addresses the needs of each individual child. We work hard at St. Osmund’s to ensure that your child is making good progress and to support them in doing so. We are currently running a number of academic interventions to help reduce barriers to learning and to address any gaps in understanding. Just as importantly we prioritise emotional well-being and resilience. We run Sparkles nature therapy, ELSA and other well-being support.

Support at home

Thank you for all the support you give your child at home to help them become good learners. We believe that your child’s success at school is very much a team effort and your support really does make all the difference. Please contact your child’s tutor or Miss Hancock if you have any worries or concerns however small. We hope that we can all work together in the following ways.

  • Minimum of 96% attendance – your child needs to be in school to avoid any gaps in their learning. Frequent days off put your child in the position of ‘playing catch-up’. This often results in them feeling negative about themselves as learners and negative about school. Please get in touch quickly if we can support in any way.
  • Valuing education – Please work alongside us to recognise, celebrate and value your child’s approach to learning and encourage your child to have high aspirations and work to the best of their ability.
  • Reading – Pupils read during registration each day. Please take the time to read with your child as often as possible, ideally 10 minutes every day, and encourage independent reading as they get older. This is the most effective help you can give them. Research shows again again that children who can read well can succeed at school.
  • Times Tables – fluent times tables knowledge allows children to work quickly in maths. Please help your child practise until they become confident.

 If you feel that your child would benefit from any additional support at school, or you have any concerns about your child’s progress or approach to learning please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Please, email, ring, or make an appointment to pop in for a chat!

Mrs Staddon and Miss Hancock

Mrs Lynda Staddon

Pupil Premium lead

01305 262897

Miss Heather Hancock

Pupil Premium Mentor

01305 262897 Extension 141

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