Values and Ethos

We aim to inspire and empower all to be active life-long learners who achieve their potential and contribute positively to the world.

Our mission statement embodies our work here at St. Osmund’s. We approach each day and each new learning opportunity with optimism and energy. Every member of our community is of equal importance and we strive to provide support and challenge for everyone. We approach each child holistically, being of the fervent belief that each child has a unique set of needs to be met and a unique character to be inspired. Our approach will always personalise and adapt.

Our Christian ethos is a shared vision for everyone in school and run through the veins of the school. Our students are aware of ‘faith, hope and love’ in all aspects of school life and are nurtured by these values which are taught through the curriculum, underpin our pastoral system and drive our collective worship and reflection. We have a weekly theme to structure our Christian value teaching and this is a significant part of school life. We also have many opportunities for students to put faith into action and to understand that, for example, we have a duty to fight for justice for others. We seek to bring the outside world into the school at every opportunity. As a school staff, we see our role in serving children and preparing them for both today and tomorrow as a privilege; childhood is a most precious thing and our duty is to prepare global citizens for the future