Year 8 Knowledge Organisers

Art Autumn Y8

Art Spring  1 Y8

Art Spring 2 Y8

Computing 8.1 Python

Computing 8.2 Databases

Computing 8.3 Esafety

Computing 8.4  Systems

Drama KS3

Drama Spring The Pier Y8

DT Textiles Y8

DT Food Tech Y8

DT Food Technology Ingredients Y8

DT Workshop Y8 

English ‘Love, Loss and Longing’ Y8

English Much Ado About Nothing Y8 

English Refugee Boy Y8  

French Autumn  Rouge Y8

French Autumn Vert Y8

French Spring   Rouge Y8

FrenchnSpring  Vert Y8

French Summer  Rouge Y8

French Summer  Vert Y8

Geography Autumn 1 Y8

Geography Autumn 2 Y8

Geography Spring Y8

Geography Summer 1  Y8

Geography Summer 2 Y8

History Autumn Y8

History Spring  Y8

History Summer 1 Y8

History Summer 2 Y8

Maths Vocabulary lists Autumn Y8

Maths Vocabulary lists Spring  Y8

Music Autumn 1 Pop Music History Y8 

Music Autumn 2 Song Writing Y8 

Music Spring 1 Film Music Y8

Music Spring 2 Band Performance Y8

MusicSummer 1 Film Composing Y8

Music Summer 2 Reggae Y8

Music  Summer 2b Dance Y8

Music All years Keyboard Skills

Music All years Ukulele Skills

Music Keyboard Imagine Y8

Music Keyboard Jailhouse Rock Y8

Music Keyboard James Bond Y8

Music Keyboard Pirates of The Caribbean Y8

Music Keyboard Titanic Y8

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PSHE Positive Relationships Y8

Science Autumn Light_Y8

Spring  Science Space & Forces Y8

Science Summer Photosynthesis Y8

Science Summer Metals Reactivity Y8

Science Summer Sound Y8

Theology & Ethics  Autumn Y8

Theology & Ethics Spring Y8

Theology & Ethics  Summer Y8