Year 6 Knowledge Organisers

Art Autumn Y6

Art  Spring Y6

Art Summer  Y6

Computing 6.1  Scratch Animation

Computing 6.2 True or False

Computing 6.3 Social Media and Consent

Computing 6.4 Heroes of computers

Computing 6.5 Encryption

Computing 6.7 Scratch

Computing 6.8 Microbits

Drama KS2

DT Workshop Y6

DT Textiles Y6

DT Food Tech Y6

DT Food Technology Ingredients Y6

English Au1 High Diving Giraffes Y6

English Au2 Monsters of the Deep Y6

English Au3 Alchemist’s Letter Y6

English Sp1 Alma Y6

French knowledge Organiser Y6

Geography Autumn Y6

Geography Spring Y6

History  Victorians  Autumn Y6

History  Spring The Kingdom of Benin  Y6 

History Summer  Ancient-Greece Y6

Maths Autumn Vocabulary lists  Y6

Maths Spring Vocabulary lists Y6

Music  Autumn 1 Chords Y6

Music Autumn 2 Christmas Composing Y6 

Music Spring 1 Music Inspired By Art Y6

Music Spring 2 Band Skills Y6

Music Summer 1 Introducing Garageband Y6

Music Summer 2 African Y6

Music All years Ukulele Skills

Music All years Keyboard Skills

Music Keyboard Y6 The Snowman

Music Keyboard Y6 Elise Rocks

P.E. Knowledge Organisers are on a separate tab Click here to navigate to the tab

PSHE Autumn Rights Y6

Science  Autumn Forces_Y6

Science Spring Flowering Plants  Y6

Science Summer Electricity Y6

Theology & Ethics Autumn  Y6

Theology & Ethics Spring Y6

Theology & Ethics Summer Y6