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Contact Us

During the normal school day we welcome all communication about your child and their needs.

In the first instance please contact your child’s tutor who is best placed to understand the holistic picture around your child.

Should there be something of a more serious nature, please contact the Year Leader.

If you have a concern that is of a very serious nature, please contact the member of the leadership team who deals with parental contact, Mr Biddle on

Please see below the contact details for teaching staff, class tutors and the Senior Leadership Team. 2020-2021

Click Here for a LATEST downloadable PDF Contact Details for Senior Leadership Team,  Teachers and Tutors.


Year Class Tutor Days in Room Subject Taught E mail contact
Head of Year 5 Mr G Otter All Week Science & Maths
SLT Link Mr G Biddle All Week
Year 5 5SAD Mrs S Adams All Week Art Room Art (Lead)
Year 5 5LFO Ms L Ford All Week Room 6 Maths
Year 5 5CMI Mrs C Minhinnick Weds, Thurs, Fri Room 9 English (Lead)
Year 5 5CMI Mrs A Christian Mon, Tues, Weds Room 9 English
Year 5 5AMI Mr A Mitchell All Week Room 14 Maths
Year 5 5HSA Miss H Savage All Week Room 11 English & Maths
Year 5 5KWI Miss K Willis Tues, Weds, Thurs Fri Room 5 English & History
Year 5 5KWI Mrs E Restorick Mon, Tues, Weds Room 5 History & PE
Head of Year 6 Miss E Way DT Maternity Leave
Head of Year 6 Mrs C Stripp Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs Maths
SLT Link Mr Beet All Week
Year 6 6BAR Mrs E Arnold All Week Room 7 English
Year 6 6MBA Mr M Bagwell All Week Food Tech Room PE & Computing
Year 6 6SBL Mrs S Bell Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs Room 8 History
Year 6 6SBL Mrs R Slater Friday Room 8 History
Year 6 6GDA Mrs G Day Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs Room 1 Maths (Lead)
Year 6 6GDA Mrs S Harrington Friday Room 1 Art & DT Technician
Year 6 6LMA Mrs Macnair All Week Room 4 Maths & History
Year 6 6LMA Mrs R Slater Thurs Room 4 History
Year 6 6LMU Mrs L Munns Mon, Tues, Weds Room 10 History (Lead)
Year 6 6LMU Miss C Hewitt Thurs, Fri Room 10 History
Head of Year 7 Mrs D Roberts All Week PE
SLT Link Mr P Absolom All Week
Year 7 7VAT Mrs V Atkinson All Week Room 20 French
Year 7 7AFE Miss A February-Perring All Week Room 12 English (Lead)
Year 7 7AMA Mrs A Martin Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri Room 3 Maths
Year 7 7SMI Mr S Mitchem All Week Room 19 PE
Year 7 7SPA Mrs S Parker Tues, Weds, Fri Textiles Room DT
Year 7 7SPA Mrs J Haysom Mon, Weds, Thurs Textiles Room Geography
Year 7 7LPI Miss L Pike All Week Room 21 Maths & Computing (Lead)
Head of Year 8 Mrs L Staddon Science (PP & LAC Lead)
SLT Link Mrs A Boon
Year 8 8SHA Mr S Harland-Brassington All Week Room 15 English & Drama (lead)
Year 8 8HMU Mrs H Mugridge All Week Room 16 Geography (Lead)
Year 8 8KSK Mrs K Skinner Mon, Weds, Thurs, Fri Room 22 French (Lead)
Year 8 8KSK Mrs J Delarboulas Tues Room 22 Lexia
Year 8 8STH Mrs S Thorpe All Week Room 13 RE (Lead)
Year 8 8ZWA Miss Z Ward All Week Room 23 English & PSHE (Lead)
Year 8 8KYO Mrs K Young All Week Room 2
Mrs J Coombs Music
Mr M Morgan Science (Lead)& Maths
Mrs L Topp Chaplain
Mr P Rooke Lexia
Mrs J Lawrence Lexia
SLT Mr P Absolom
SLT Mr S Beet
SLT Mr G Biddle
SLT Mrs A Boon
SLT Mrs S Sawtell

Please contact the school directly using the following information:

St. Osmund’s CE Middle School

Barnes Way




Telephone: 01305 262897 (8.00am – 4.00pm)

Fax: 01305 755088


Named Contact: Mrs R Golledge

(Calls to the school maybe recorded for training and monitoring purposes)