Key Musical Events for this Year

Apollo – One Giant Leap

Maumbury Rings on the evening of Friday 19th July.

This link is for parents and children so that they can practice the Apollo music! Its a family event so parents and siblings can learn it too!

Click the link below—one-giant-leap.html



Welcome to the Music Department.

We have many exciting clubs and activities to extend the opportunities outside of the curriculum so I hope you will find the information you require. The Music Department has strong links with DASP Music and also initiatives from the Dorset Music Service

If you need further information please contact Caroline Pugh or Julie Coombs via the usual school channels.


Instrumental and Vocal Lessons

Lessons are provided through DASP Music and there are several DASP Ensembles to join giving a wider experience of performing with others.  01305 259721

Our Teachers

Flute:  Nikki Olson

Oboe: Ed Kay

Clarinet/Saxophone:  Helen Mullender

Bassoon: Polly Phillips

Recorder: Lucy Hackett

Violin: Joanna Wolff

Cello/Double Bass: Sally Stell

Brass: Dave Ansell

Piano/Keyboard:  Sue Massey, Lucy Hackett, Sally Stell

Ukulele: Lucy Hackett

Electric/Acoustic Guitar: Steve Wilson, Laurie Higgins, Andy Grant

Drums: Chris Page


Please click below if you wish a copy of the information on this webpage.

Music information sheet