Uniform & Equipment



This school has a uniform policy and we ask for the co-operation of parents in ensuring that the uniform is worn at all times. Items marked * bear the school logo; these, as well as sports mouth-guards and school ties can be purchased directly from the School Office. Other items can be obtained from a number of local stockists.




Winter: Grey skirt or trousers, white blouse with school tie, a navy school sweatshirt*. White socks, black or navy tights and plain low-heeled black shoes (not trainers, canvas shoes or boots). Plain grey / black trousers (no denim/corduroy) may be worn and should not be ‘fashion styles’ which are too tight / flared.

Summer: As above, or a navy blue gingham dress, front fastening, short sleeved with a collar.



Grey flannel trousers, (no denim or corduroy), a white shirt with school tie (short sleeved shirts may be worn in the summer) a navy school sweatshirt*. Grey socks and black shoes (not trainers, canvas shoes or boots).



Indoor and summer term: navy blue round-necked T-shirt*, plain navy blue shorts, white socks, training shoes.

Outdoor winter: navy blue with gold St Osmund’s Rugby shirt*, navy knee-length games socks, studded boots.

In cold weather a PE Department hooded sweatshirt* or dark coloured track suit may be worn. For contact activities the wearing of sports mouth-guard and shin guards are strongly recommended.

 OTHER ITEMS: Please provide your child with a suitable pen (not a ball point). A ‘Berol’ Handwriting Pen is acceptable. Your child will also need a pencil, a 30cm ruler, a small dictionary, a calculator if possible and a medium-sized school bag. A separate bag for PE and Games kit is a good idea, but should not be too large that it will not fit in school lockers.


JEWELLERY: Pupils with pierced ears (only in the lower part of the ear permitted ) should wear one pair of plain studs rather than sleepers. (These MUST be removed for safety during PE and Games sessions.) NO OTHER body or facial piercing is permitted. Bracelets and necklaces are not permitted. The types of activity in which pupils may be involved as part of PE and Games sessions, make the wearing of jewellery inappropriate. (Governing Bodies of Sport state all jewellery should be removed during physical activity.)

Excess items of jewellery will be confiscated, and may be collected from the school office by the pupil’s parents.


Make-up (including nail varnish) is NOT to be worn in school.


Since we can never predict the dictates of fashion, we do not attempt to pre-empt every possibility in our uniform list. At St.Osmund’s we expect pupils to wear sensible school-wear rather than fashion items. If in any doubt, please check with the School before being persuaded to buy the latest styles! Please note this includes hair colour/styles.



Should a pupil bring their phone/device to school it should be placed in their school locker for the duration of the day. The school does not accept any responsibility for loss or breakage of the phone/device.  The school also reserves the right to retain devices should there be any inappropriate usage during the school day.